My Rates

As an international escort, I frequently fly around Miami, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and other major cities for which I do not accept hourly Rates. My male escort rates are for 3 hours at 500 within New York City and 12 hours at 2,000 for any other cities outside the Tri-State area. Many of my clients find this to be a good and fair offer instead of an hourly rate. Why? Because what can we do in an hour or two. A good dinner and a cup of coffee with a good company will take at least three hours. And that is just a beginning of a wonderful night. Now, if you hire me for 12 hours, then you can really enjoy me without having to pay the costly additional charges.

Aside from a 12-hour rate, I also offer long term services or long term relationships. These are ideal for women who want more than an escort for a day or a night. This is for those of you who want to explore the pleasures of real companionship. New York may sometimes be lonely, so you may find that these may be what you are looking in having a real companion who can ease your loneliness.


  • 3 hours 500
  • 12 hours 2,000
  • 24 hours 3,000
  • 1 week 8,000
  • 1 month 20,000

Please take note that my male escort Rates are only for the time and companionship and that all other expenses that are not covered in my services, as we have agreed upon, are not included. This means that you will pay for the travel expenses, tickets to shows and concerts, dinner and other expenses that we may incur.

I accept only US currency payments and I require 10% deposit. The remaining balance must be paid in full before the start of our session. If I am in other cities or countries, airfare, accommodation and other transportation expenses must be paid by you in full and in advance. Plane tickets and other transportation expenses must be two-way. I request that you to account for the jetlag phenomenon, so please book an additional overnight stay for hotel accommodation.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have other questions.